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1 out of 3 People Suffer From Bad Posture and Immobility… Which Leads to Back Pain and Discomfort

Living life with it has become the new norm.

Sitting for long periods of time, driving a car, leaning over children, and even typing on your phone can cause hip, neck, and shoulder tightness that leads to discomfort throughout the spine.

Even if you are fit, you can still experience back pain. By the age of 35, most people have degenerative disc issues, which, however, should not stop you from working out!

Here’s Why What You’ve Tried Before Hasn’t Worked


Pain relief medications might offer temporary respite, but they do not address the root cause of back pain. Over-reliance on pills can lead to side effects and dependency without providing a long-term solution.


While physiotherapy can be beneficial, it often requires a significant time commitment and frequent visits to a therapist. Many people find it challenging to incorporate these sessions into their busy schedules consistently.

Expensive Gadgets

High-tech gadgets promise quick fixes but often fall short. They can be costly and might not deliver lasting results. Additionally, relying on gadgets can prevent you from developing the essential habits and exercises needed for long-term improvement.

The Solution: Proven Exercises Twice a Week

Instead of quick fixes or temporary relief, incorporating proven exercises into your routine twice a week can significantly improve your posture and mobility. These exercises target the underlying issues causing back pain, such as muscle imbalances and weakness. Consistency in these exercises strengthens your core and back muscles, promoting better alignment and reducing discomfort over time.

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